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10 Indonesian Photographers You Need to Know About

Edira Putri . TheCulturetrip Published: 9 May 2017 Being such a beautiful country with a fascinating culture and people, it’s no surprise that Indonesia has borne many great photographers. From travel photographers to romantic image specialists, discover the Indonesian photographers you need to know about. Rio Wibowo Rio Wibowo, lovingly known as Rio Motret, knew he wanted to …

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Fotografer RI Sabet Gelar Best Travel Photo , National Geographic

Published by  ( National Geographic Indonesia) Fotografer RI Sabet Gelar Best Travel Photos 2013  (NatGeo Photo Contest 2013) Kontes foto tahunan National Geographic Traveler 2013 berhasil menelurkan tiga nama pemenang dan satu foto pilihan pemirsa. Kategori terakhir yang disebut memunculkan nama fotogarfer asal Indonesia, Dody Kusuma. Foto Dody yang menampilkan nelayan di senja Pantai …

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